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About Us

Ararat Neighbourhood House is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing a friendly, welcoming environment for members of the local community and surrounds.  We partner with local service providers to give access to affordable, diverse programs that meet the needs of personal, social and professional development


Governance Committee 

Ararat Neighbourhood House is currently under a full auspice agreement with Grampians Community Health, this agreement is due to be reassessed in June 2020.  


We are seeking expressions of interest from individuals to become involved in forming a Governance Committee for Ararat Neighbourhood House.  



A Governance Committee is made up of community members and representatives from business.  A committee's responsibilities are to provide purpose, leadership, direction and strategy; to ensure the group’s finances are sound; and to make sure the group’s operations are legal.


'The best Boards are those that are inclusive, comprising people from all backgrounds and walks of life, and representing a wide variety of views and skills. Good Boards are also strongly representative of their “consumers” – the people they serve. Indeed, while it is important for community groups to reach out to places like the business community to rejuvenate their Boards, it is important that the community itself retains firmly in the driver’s seat. Outcomes are never sustainable unless communities are in control.'


You must be a current member of Ararat Neighbourhood House to be eligible to be on the Governance Committee.

Please contact Ararat Neighbourhood House if you would like to be part of the new Governance Committee. 


General Membership

Membership to Ararat Neighbourhood House is open to all members of our local community and applications for membership can be downloaded or obtained from reception, completed and submitted for seconding by another member. 

ANH Membership costs $5.00 per annum (non-concessional) or $2.50 per annum (concessional).





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